Climate Change is already affecting the lives of many people, with catastrophic heatwaves, droughts, fires, hurricanes and floods happening all over the world. The voices of climate scientists have finally been heard. Regulators are setting up mandatory climate disclosure requirements. Governments and companies are assessing not only their physical climate risks, but also risks related to the transition to the clean energy economy. This transition represents huge risks and opportunities in all sectors of the economy, and is already creating new jobs and new business models. Our programme will give you unique opportunity to dive into the subject and get a well-researched overview in just a few hours.

As ESG and climate risk management become a fundamental component of corporate decision-making and investment strategy, having a deep understanding of climate change and its impact on business is no longer optional. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and position yourself as an expert in the field of climate change and sustainability.

This programme is aimed at both ESG and sustainability professionals, and those people who want to understand a broader picture of the climate change challenges and solutions that we face as companies and individuals.


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    Get access to all courses on Climate Change and Sustainability. Learn about climate agreements, role of the governments and private sector in decarbonisaton and energy transition. Get an overview of the green technologies including renewables, hydrogen, fuel cells, carbon capture, storage and utilisation. Learn about circular economy, ESG and climate disclosures and reporting. Gain knowledge about decarbonisation efforts and challenges across several industries. Discover how digital technologies facilitate climate action.
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Why learn about Climate Change?

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Why our programme

  • Grow your knowledge and enhance your professional resilience

    Learn about climate risks, agreements, disclosures and decarbonisation challenges and solutions

  • Manage climate risks and reduce your carbon footprint

    Develop practical tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure your organisation is climate-resilient

  • Gain insight and inspiration

    We invite industry experts and follow the latest developments to deliver engaging and relevant educational content in a structured and entertaining way

  • Trusted course creators

    2000+ students and 800+ positive reviews across various platforms, instructor rating 4.8, custom training course production for corporate clients

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Julia Mariasova

Your course instructor

Julia is a management consultant, project, programme and change manager, media producer/director with 20 years of experience in financial services industry and 10 years of experience in media/video production industry. She has Masters degree in Economics, she is a Qualified Management Accountant (CIMA), and is certified in Filmmaking (London Film Academy). Julia has a particular interest in the topics of climate change, decarbonisation, energy transition and digital technologies. She is passionate about change, strategic development, operational transformation and learning new things. She has experience of working in both large corporate and start-up environments, and running her own business. Julia founded, a media production company, specialising in design and delivery of online training courses and business video content.

What our students say about our courses

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Ed Birchall, UK

The programme gave a single space to gain knowledge of the history current and future state of the climate change agenda. This was great to learn from and I feel much better informed.

Anupam Samanta, USA

This is one of the best digital, self-paced courses I have ever taken in my career. I like how the learning experience clarified climate change terminology, described the root cause / origination of the problem, and walked us through a wide range of case studies. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in making a difference in the world to take this course. You will not be disappointed!

Alexander Stupnikov, UK

Very timely course on this crucially important topic. Well structured and professionally delivered material that is easy to understand even for those with limited knowledge of the topic. Highly recommend!

Nicholas Blain, UK

Excellent programme - well-explained background to the crisis facing our planet. The presenter is highly knowledgeable and the film production is engaging and compelling.

Shweta Mahendra, India

Wonderful course. I want to do something in the area of climate change in India. People are not much concerned due to lack of awareness. They think that planing tree is enough.

Jonathan Brinn, UK

This was a brilliant overview of some really big problems that we all face over the next decades - and if we get them wrong then the consequences are huge. Thank you and I feel much better equipped to look at this at a corporate level - and great to have these courses as a reference point for the future.

Karina Slisina, UK

Perfectly structured and very informative. Absolutely enjoyed it and would highly recommended!

Peter Andrews, UK

Masses of information and great clarity

Irina Miles, UK

This programme is excellent if you want a general overview of different aspects of climate change. It covered everything from political and business aspects of climate change to the energy transition. The lectures include a lot of visuals - both graphics and videos. The handout slides are helpful. I highly recommend watching it!

Chris Gordon, UK

Very professionally made course, high-quality content. Respectful sources. Instructors are very interactive, charismatic and easy to listen to. Visuals and video production are top quality, very dynamic like a good documentary.

Letters from our students

  • £149.99

    Full access to all Climate Change courses

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