"Every Company’s Guide to Climate Action & Achieving Net Zero" is a short course that explores the role of the private sector in decarbonisation of the economy and transition to net zero.  Specifically we will look at the Corporate and Financial Services sectors with the main focus on climate actions from perspective of any company, big or small.

What you will learn

  • Role of the private sector in energy transition and decarbonisation

  • Importance of climate actions by individual companies

  • Net Zero definition for a corporate

  • Climate actions which companies can implement to reduce GHG emissions

  • Terminology: Net Zero, Internal Carbon Pricing, Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsets, Circularity and many more

  • Role of financial services institutions in decarbonisation of the economy and challenges they face in decarbonisation of their portfolios

Watch what we cover in this course

Course curriculum

    1. Role of Private Sector: Corporates - Introduction

    2. SBTi Net Zero Definition for Corporates

    3. Corporate Climate Action 1 - Measure Emissions and Set Reduction Targets

    4. Corporate Climate Action 2 - Switch to renewables and sustainable fuels, embrace energy efficiency

    5. Corporate Climate Action 3 - Electrify Fleet

    6. Corporate Climate Action 4 - Electrify equipment and industrial processes

    7. Corporate Climate Action 5 - Adopt sustainable travel policies

    8. Corporate Climate Action 6 - Use internal carbon pricing

    9. Corporate Climate Action 7 - Use purchasing power to reduce suppliers' footprint

    10. Corporate Climate Action 8 - Embrace circularity and reduce waste

    11. Corporate Climate Action 9 - Invest in innovative climate-positive technologies

    12. Corporate Climate Action 10 - Invest in nature-based solutions

    13. Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsets

    14. Role of corporates in decarbonisation and transition to net zero - section wrap-up

    15. Assignment. Company's footprint reduction

    1. Role of private sector: Financial Institutions - Introduction

    2. Role of banks

    3. Role of Asset Managers

    4. Role of insurers

    5. Role of financial institutions - Wrap-Up

    1. Test your learning

    2. Handout Slides

    1. Your Suggestions for Impovement and New Topics for Courses

    2. Thank you for watching!

About this course

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  • 27 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Who this course is for

  • Leaders and managers who want to take action to reduce carbon footprint of their businesses

  • ESG professionals involved in the development and execution of the GHG reduction strategies

  • Procurement professionals who are interested to reduce Scope 3 emissions in the supply chain of their companies

  • Management consultants who are considering transition to climate change advisory

  • Anyone who wants to get broader understanding of climate change soutions

  • Climate activists and general public who want to understand the role of corporates and financial institutions in addressing climate change

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