"Heavy Industry Decarbonisation and Energy Transition" is a short course that focuses on decarbonization challenges in Industry sectors of the economy, which are particularly hard to abate.

This course is designed to:

  • raise awareness about the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transition to low-carbon economy;

  • explain what decarbonisation and energy transition mean for the industry and the challenges of such transition;

  • provide overview the most carbon intensive industrial products and processes and discuss some of the new technologies being developed to address the problem.

What you will learn

  • Industry decarbonisation and challenges of energy transition

  • Overview of the most carbon-intensive industrial processes and products (including cement, hydrogen, steel and aluminium)

  • Industry decarbonisation (electrification, energy efficiency, low carbon fuels, carbon capture, innovation in technology and materials)

  • Examples of new low-carbon manufacturing approaches (HYBRIT and MSE) and energy saving processes (thermal heat recovery and onsite nitrogen production)

Watch what is covered in this course

Course curriculum

    1. Industry - Carbon Intensive Products and Processes

    2. Hydrogen recap

    3. Green Steel: HYBRIT and MSE

    4. Energy and Operational Efficienciess

    5. Industry decarbonisation in practice: Thermal Heat Recovery

    6. Industry decarbonisation in practice: Onsite Nitrogen Production

    7. Recycling and Materials Innovation and section wrap-up

    1. Decarbonisation of Industry Quiz

    2. Handout slides - Industry

    3. Handout slides - Hydrogen

    4. Additional resources

    1. Your Suggestions for Impovement and New Topics for Courses

    2. Thank you for watching!

About this course

  • £19.99
  • 15 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Who this course is for

  • Leaders and managers who are interested in exploring the issues around the concept of energy transition and decarbonisation, and find the ways to contribute to GHG reductions

  • Government officials and city managers who are tasked with the development or execution of net-zero/decarbonisation policies and initiatives

  • Financial services professionals and asset owners who are interested in decarbonisation of their portfolios of assets

  • Technical professionals who want to get broader understanding of climate change and their role in transitioning to net-zero

  • Students who are starting to learn about industrial processes and product design

  • Innovators and inventors looking for inspiration to come up with solutions to complex climate change problems

  • Management consultants who are considering transition to climate change advisory

  • Anyone who wish to engage with the challenges and potential solutions to sustainability and climate change

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